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Image by Pierre Blaché

Meet the Owners!

BAM! Snoballs was established in 2020 by Jamal and Jamari Sharp, twin brothers from Pensacola, Florida. Having roots that trace back to the heart of New Orleans, it was a no-brainer to bring a Snoball shop to the Panhandle! "We love everything about Superheroes from the comics to the movies, so it was only right to make it superhero-themed as well. We want something that the community can connect with. "

Why we're different!

Soft Ice. Sweet Flavors. Superheroes. What could be a better combination? We are a superhero-themed dessert shop like no other. Comics, Candy, and Fun! We create an environment where everyone feels like a hero (because they are!). As soon as you step foot into BAM! Snoballs all your problems go away! The only hurdle to jump through will be which delicious flavor/topping combination you will have. 


Soft Ice.. Let’s get into it. BAM! Snoballs can promise satisfaction in every bite of your sweet treat. All locations use Snowizard machines to make your ice even finer than your experience. We make our own simple syrups and all of our flavors are imported straight from New Orleans! At BAM! Snoballs you will receive an authentic experience and treat like no other. 


Did we mention you are able to stuff your Snoball with CHEESECAKE and/or ICE CREAM?! You can also choose from our various “Heroes” Snoballs or “People’s Choice” Snoballs. These all vary from being drizzled with caramel, to being topped with Peach Rings! 


We look forward to your visit.. UNLEASH YOUR INNER HERO!

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